December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 12

A Day of Firsts

For Day 12, I wound up with two similar spreads that are each highlighting the big events of the day.

We started our day by reaching a major milestone in my daughter's life: a lost front tooth and the emergence of a jack-o-lantern smile. This was just as big a deal for me, because I was the reluctant tooth-puller. Here is how I described it on on my Facebook page:

Motherhood is filled with doing many things you never think you'll do. I started this morning by pulling out a tooth. 
And I didn't vomit. Or pass out.
And just like that, my Baby transformed into a Big Kid.

It's a very simple page using the two images I took that morning (messy bathroom and all). One image is rectangular and the other is round, which I repeat in the next spread. I created a digital paper for the background by typing the words "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" and copying and pasting them over and over again, reducing the opacity to about 20% (I use a similar technique in the second spread, which I'll explain below).


On Friday night, we went to a showing of White Christmas at our local music hall. It was a fun outing since neither of us had ever seen the movie before. To mirror the previous layout, I again paired a circular element with a more rectangular one. On the left page, I used the lyrics to White Christmas as a background digital paper and found an image of the poster online. My husband took the round image on the right before the show began, inside the hall. Because it was underexposed, I opted to turn it black and white and crop it small.

Normally, I would avoid a photo with so much grain, but I didn't want to waste an opportunity to actually appear in the album. Imperfect cannot be the enemy of good enough. When my daughter is older she will want to see that I was there, not that I was merely the record keeper.

The Journaling reads:

Today we went to the Palladium for their annual showing of White Christmas. It was a first viewing for all of us. The plot surprised me, but Lyra absolutely loved the singing, dancing and costumes.