December Daily 2014: Day 13

Oh What Fun

Day Thirteen was such a big, fun Christmas-event-filled day, that I wound up making three spreads to highlight the different activities we did and places we visited.

For the first spread, I paired two images with a full page of journaling. The top image was taken of the actors on stage as they did a meet-and-greet following the play. The image on the bottom was scanned from an article in the playbill that talked about the set decoration. I loved  the lines and the way it paired with the real-life actors on the real life set. 

The journaling, on the right,  gives a detailed look at the full day. I borrowed a writing technique from Ali Edwards and began each sentence with a digital stamp from her collection that says "the story of today." 

Here's what the journaling says:

the story of today is that we went to the Indianapolis Rep and saw a performance of The Velveteen Rabbit. You sat on the floor with the other children. The play was an hour long and when it was over, you said you really liked    it, but you were too shy to meet the actors when the permance was over. the story of today is that when the play was over,we walked outside and there was our Elf from the other day at the library and he had his reindeer. We were certain that he must be our elf, since we saw him twice in the same week.  the story of today is that as we walked down the street after petting the reindeer, you said, “I’m not sure that is a real reindeer. I want proof. I want to see it fly.” And I said, “Well it is a real reindeer. But only Santa’s reindeer fly. Maybe she’s still in training.” the story of today is that we went to Jingle Rails at the Eiteljorg Museum. And while you were pretty enthralled with the trains for a short while, hunger took over your mood and our next hour together was challenging. the story of today is that mommy and daddy know better than to travel without snacks if we want to have a fun day. the story of today is we drove home and heated leftover baked pasta for lunch and everyone returned to their usual happy selves. the story of today is we walked up to the Arts & Design District after lunch for their Christmas celebration. the story of today is that the event was packed and the lines were long. We didn’t stay long. Instead, we visited a few of the shops and galleries in the district that are usually closed.  the story of today is that as we walked back toward home, we passed Bub’s Burgers and you begged us to have dinner there. the story of today is that it didn’t take much arm-twisting for mommy and daddy to say yes. Daddy and I spilt a burger and we all shared a chocolate shake, as usual. We walked home in the cold and the whole time you played host to an imaginary gameshow called Toddler Time. the story of today is that when we got back home, you said you wanted to go see Christmas lights. So, we got into the car and drove to a fantastic display timed to music that I read about online. We sat and watched the show for 30 full minutes. You loved it so much, you called that house your dream home. 


This spread is image-heavy and completely unembellished. The beauty of working in black and white, is that the images can take on an abstracted and textural quality. These were all taken at the Jingle Rails exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum. I could have easily spent another hour there, perfecting my shots and angles, but little tummies and hangry moods meant we had to move on. But the artistry on display and incredibly detailed environments was really fun to see in person.

The final spread, from the end of our day. Glimpses at our dinner out and our brief visit to our local Christmas celebration. But most importantly, and the reason I opted to keep this spread busy when I wanted to minimize: I am in it three times. It may not happen again the rest of the holiday season (or year, for that matter). But, I was captured. I was there. 

Updated 12.16.2014:
I reworked this page and decided I just didn't need all of the images to tell the story. As it turns out, I am showing up in the album on subsequent days. So, I simplified the spread. The revised version is above.

It was an awesome day. And we had so much fun.