December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 15 and 16

Deliver My Letter The Sooner the Better

This spread for Days 15 and 16 tells the story of the two holiday cards we're sending out this year. I stumbled on the idea of creating a Year-in-Review card several months ago, and have been pinning card ideas ever since. I even purchased a couple of templates that I planned to modify for my own card design paired with a loving, family self-portrait.

But, time got away, as it often does. Three straight weeks of grey skies sidelined our self-portrait plans. And, before I knew it, we were down to less than 2-weeks before Christmas. Luckily, a shiny free overnight shipping offer came in from Minted. I pulled the trigger and used this design for our cards. In the image you see above I have removed some content for privacy reasons.

I have also put my Silhouette portrait to use this year (my husband bought it for me for Christmas last year, but it never got to come out of the box because we immediately started having to declutter and pack up the house for sale in January). I bought a pretty Joy card design through their design store and we are giving this card with a handwritten note and a movie pass to each of Lyra's teachers (she has 6!) along with her bus driver.

Journaling reads:

'Tis the season for Christmas cards, saying hello to distant friends and family, stamping and mailing. All of that. It's a tradition I truly love. I love getting and sending cards. But, oh does that love cause me so much stress each and every year. No matter how early I start planning, I am always scrambling. I start with big plans, creative plans. And I almost always have to abandon them in order to get something out the door on time. This year, we sent a year-in-review card to our friends and family. I also cut a few cards out using my cutting machine, which included a handwritten note and movie passes foreach of Lyra's teachers.