December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 18—20

Writing a Little and a Lot

Looking at Day 18 and Day 20 is a study in contrasts. Day 18 is a collection of graphics paired with a small line of journaling. Day 20 is all journaling, with no image. (Please note: I do have a Day 19, but it features images from my daughter's school Christmas party and I have opted not to share them here in my blog.)

Here's Day 18

Journaling reads: As the month wears on, the weight of our To Do listand self-imposed obligations ia taking it’s toll on me 

The journaling for Day 20, is a letter for my daughter. I am having an internal battle about ways to help her center this season with deeper meaning. And the importance of focusing on giving. I'm not sure if my words are more for her or me, but I wanted them written down. She won't see them until after the book is printed, but I am hoping this can be a reminder for both of us as the years go on.