December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 5

Dear Santa

Tomorrow, we are planning our annual to visit Santa. So, to prepare, I asked my daughter to write her letter tonight. I used the scanned version of that letter as the content for today's spread.

I kept the right side pretty stripped down in terms of color, since my daughter opted to use blue paper and red ink for her letter. I love that she decorated the edges with pinking shears and I wanted to keep in the imperfect lines. Including snippets of her handwriting and documenting her developing writing voice are some of my favorite things to include in a photo book. But, since the letter is a little hard to read (a 7-year-old lefty, writing with a marker on unlined paper will do that), I typed up a transcript on the right side.


Below, is the spread from my 2011 December Daily photo book with the same exact story: Lyra writing her letter to Santa. This page is still one of my all time favorites. The page with Lyra writing her letter to Santa remains one of my absolute favorites. In that year, she dictated the letter to me and she traced the letter of the printed version. In both years she starts her letter by asking Santa what he would like for Christmas. It says so much about her big, sweet heart. I absolutely love that I have a record of this from multiple years.