December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 7

How Lovely Are Thy Branches

The other day I was looking at our tree and I realized that so many of our ornaments have stories. My husband and I have been married for 17 years. I am rapidly approaching the time where I will have spent more Christmases with him than I have with anyone else, and that includes my brother and my parents. And, since we moved away from my hometown this year, I am feeling the weight of that time passing in a different way.

It's not with sadness. It's just intensely reflective. Reflective is definitely the name for the season I am in right now.

I'm almost 40. My daughter is losing her teeth and reading novels. She points out things like alliteration and point-of-view as she's reading. She hangs out with friends in virtual games. Time is marching on. She is full-grown kid. I'm a bonafide adult.

With all that in mind, I designed this spread for Day 7 to tell the story of some of the ornaments on our tree. The left page is a simple grid with macro shots of the ornaments I wanted to highlight. The right side is a black and white photo of our tree that I purposely took out-of-focus. The journaling is written to my daughter. Some day she will be the bonafide adult and living far away from me. And, she may want the story behind this or that old thing hanging on the tree.

Or not. 

I may just be older and have forgotten the stories. This spread will remind me.

Or, the ornaments may be broken. Or lost. A long time ago. These pages will help me to see what is no longer there.

But, their stories will live on.

Stories always live on...if we tell them.