Family Album 2013

Family Album 2013: A Full Season Page-By-Page

This post is part of a series where I explain in detail how I approached and built my 2013 family album that was printed  by Blurb. In a hurry? View the completed photobook, now.

When we last left our hero, she was explaining how she spent hours and hours scanning her child's artwork in order to put it in a photobook. Now, let's take a walk through a single season in the book so you can get a sense of how the whole thing flows together.

Title Page

These were a last-minute add. I felt there needed to be a more clear transition between seasons beyond the colored navigation tabs. I created the diamond titles using text and the shape tool, but they were heavily influenced by this Diamonds Are Forever series by Ali Edwards (I purchased and used  version 03 of these for a photobook about our cross-country move).

Intro Page

All of the intro page designs in the Photobook Frenzy set incorporate an 8x10 or 10x10-inch image paired with smaller images on the opposite page, separated by white space for journaling. A 10x10 image is shown here. It can be tricky working with the gutter on these larger images. Large images like these absolutely make my heart sing. I use them as much as I can.

Visual impact = emotional impact every time.

In telling the stories throughout this season I used several more of the various intro page designs. I really love the way the journaling space encourages me to dig deeper than a single sentence or caption. Here are the other spreads in this season that use similar designs:

Unique Spreads

I spent an outrageous amount of time trying to get this spread right. I took a lot of photos on that first day of school and I really wanted to tell the story visually. But, in the end, the visual clutter was working against me. It took a lot of stripping down and rearranging to get to the final result. My favorite part? The way that S in School wraps around her leg like a ball and chain.

You can read more about this spread here.

This spread was slightly modified from one that is included in the Photobook Frenzy set called A Week in the Life™ Topics.

Scanned artwork

This 2-page spread of small images depict a significant trip we took. Notice that the grid structure is consistent with the other pages.

This 2-page spread is an-almost complete departure from everything else. I do this couple of time throughout the album when I want to tell a particularly intimate or emotional story. What remains consistent, however are the font choices (I use only one font for journaling throughout the book, one for navigation, and one fancy font that is introduced sparingly).

Here are the rest of the album spreads, most of them are photographs with simple captions:

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