Family Album 2013

Family Album 2013: Introduction

This post is part of a series where I explain in detail how I approached and built my 2013 family album that was printed  by Blurb. In a hurry? View the completed photobook, now.

I recently finished up a huge documenting project for me: a 150+ page photobook documenting my family's life in 2013. Although I have made several small photobooks and calendars (most frequently as gifts), in 2013 I had an unexpected, emergency surgery and spent a good portion of the year in recovery.

The surgery gave me a serious pause. It made me think hard about my legacy and about the story of my family. It called bullshit on all the things I put on my I Should Do That Some Day List. it was a big flashing sign that said,

"You don't know when your Some Day may become No More Days. What have you left unsaid? What have you been wanting to try, but to afraid to fail at?"

I was working a limited schedule due to pain management troubles,so I used the time I couldn't work in my professional capacity to start telling the story of my family's year. I began in August 2013. I finished the album in August 2014. But that story has now been told. It's in my hands. And it is beautiful.

Memory Keepers, please hear me:

Feel no guilt about how long it takes for you to tell a story. If you are telling a story that no one else is, you are doing a sacred task for your family. You are their canning jar. You are putting up preserves on the shelf. We we bite a pickled cucumber in the heart of winter, we do't care how long it took you to put them in the jar. We simply smile and remember the feel of sun, the sound of crickets, and the smell of dirt, and are grateful that someone found a way to take us back there.

In this series, I'll walk through my approach to the 2013 album. I'll highlight a few spreads, walk you through the ordering process, show off the finished photobook, and talk about any lessons I learned along the way.

8x10 Blurb photo book | annual family album |

As of this writing. I'm just getting started on my 2014 book and hatching a plan to tackle 2015 closer to real time. Thanks for following along! And if you have questions, please ask.

More About This Project

  • Would you like to know more about how I organized this project and the tools I used? That's coming up.