Family Album 2013

Family Album 2013: The Cover Page

This post is part of a series where I explain in detail how I approached and built my 2013 family album that was printed  by Blurb. In a hurry? View the completed photobook, now.

Let's talk photobook cover design, shall we? Not interested? Oh?  Did you stumble onto this web site by mistake while googling for quilts? damn. That sucks. Everyone else, let's get to it.

When it comes to cover design I opted for simplicity: a single image on the front and a small version on the back.

Photos + words, you cannot go wrong with it.

To design the cover, I modified my favorite image from our family portrait session last year to add a soft, tilt-shift style blur. I then added the initial of our last name and the year. I wanted the design to be stripped down and replicable in future years.

Building the cover was easy. I simply pulled images into the pre-designed cover layout options in Lightroom (I turned off the text layers).

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