6x9 photobook, Week in the Life 2014

Week in the Life 2014 Photo Book: TUESDAY

This is the second post detailing the pages of my 2014 Week in the Life photo book. You can view all of the posts in this series here.


When designing the spreads for Tuesday, I began to experiment with using digital brushes for repetitive stamping. Up until now, I have mostly used the PNG versions of the digital stamps, but by switching to the brushes, a whole new world of play opened up. While the same looks could be created using a PNG duplicated on multiple layers, the resulting file would be messy and unnecessarily large.

Here's what Tuesday looked like in words and images.

Just like Monday, the introduction for Tuesday was is from a photo taken in the early morning. I snapped this shot midway through making my daughter's lunch. I actually took a similar shot several times throughout the week, knowing that when I put together my album I'd likely only use one of the images, since my daughter eats almost the same thing every time I pack her lunch.

However, scrambling in the morning and issues with getting her lunch packed wound up being a major theme (an a major we need to change this for me). so, while sliced ham and a granola bar are pretty mundane photographic objects, this image has a lot of emotional weight for me. It's symbolic of a certain kind of chaos and disorganization that reared its head again and again as I documented the week.

I photographed the alarm clock using my iPad before I got our of bed. The time is reflective of my having overslept, which is thematic of the week.

I'm as self-concious as most women when it comes to having my photo taken. My husband snapped this series of images while we were having an unusual Starbucks breakfast date after my daughter left for school. I love the genuine expressions he captured here. 

The image collage on the right page was made using an altered version of  Press Plate 39 from Paislee Press.

The repeated digital stamp shown on the right side of the page is part os the Thankful for This Day stamps and brush set by Ali Edwards. I used the digital brush here instead of the PNG file and stamped repeatedly in the white space, changing the color, as needed.

A scene of my lunch and daily medication regimen, which is very much a part of my life. The Tuesday digital stamp is from Writers Block Vol 2 by Paislee Press.

Same stamping technique used here, as above. I used two versions of the phrase no day like today from the What Today Looked Like brushes and stamps by Ali Edwards. 

More stamping for this 2-page spread image of my husband working in the afternoon. This stamp is also from What Today Looked Like. I used the ABR version to repeatedly stamp the phrase WORK LIFE, reducing the opacity of teh brush about 20% before each stamp. This is similar to the effect you get if you ink an acrylic or rubber stamp and then repeatedly stamp the paper without re-inking.