Week in the Life 2014

Week in the Life 2014 Photo Book: Friday

This is the fifth post detailing the pages of my 2014 Week in the Life photo book. You can view all of the posts in this series here.


Friday in this Week in the Life was anything but an ordinary day. Two monumental things happened:

  • Halloween, and 
  • Our first snowfall

The opening spread shows off my daughter's stash of Halloween candy. Love, love, L-O-V-E love that little hand grabbing for a treat.

An interesting similarity running through the first three spreads for Friday: warm, soothing, comfort foods. You can tell from the food that the first real cold snap was having its effect. Oatmeal, mochas, hot tea. Repeat. 

Aside from foodstuffs being low-hanging fruit for photographs, what I was more interested in when I took these images was capturing the details: the partially-ripe lemon, the remote control, the IKEA napkins, my thrift store soup mug, the camera lens mug that my daughter gave to me for Christmas, the fall leaves, my tea kettle, the iPad always nearby, the green sweater I can't stop wearing this winter because nothing keeps me as warm...

I know that when I look through this book in the future, those little details are the ones that are going to transport me back to this time and place, when we were very new Midwesterners and everything was strange and exciting.

The following four images will definitely have a prominent place in our 2014 family album. My daughter's bus stop is just two houses down from ours. Every day, after she gets off the bus, she races the bus to our front door. And, amazingly, every day she wins. I had been trying for weeks to capture a great image of this, but usually timed it poorly. With a little luck from the photo gods I finally captured this quintessentially her ritual on this day. I

Magic. Absolute be-still-my-heart MAGIC. 

Following in the footsteps of 1-million other girls, my daughter was Anna for Halloween. The weather made our trick-or-treating quite adventurous. The journaling was long, so I told the story in two spreads. Our collapsing pumpkin in the second image makes me laugh.

For the final spread on Friday, I told the tale of our first snow fall. Snow on Halloween was a complete shock to us. Thankfully, it was a complete shock to long-time Midwesterners, too. It definitely made for a Halloween we won't soon forget. 

Next up, Saturday and Sunday. This week, and this project, is drawing to a close.