Week in the Life 2014

Week in the Life 2014 Photo Book: Saturday

This is the sixth post detailing the pages of my 2014 Week in the Life photo book. You can view all of the posts in this series here.

The opening spread for Saturday begins with an image of my daughter doing what makes her happiest: playing Minecraft while chatting with her friend in Seattle and simultaneously watching a YouTube video. Yeah, she's more wired than I was when I was 10-years older, and I am a geek who remembers when you didn't even use the term dial up because there was no other word for talking to your friends on computers. It was just called chatting. And chatting is how her dad and I met, way back in 1996. Super old school nerds, we are. And it's a shock to no one that we bread a supernerd kid.

When I look at this image, aside by being stricken with so much love for my babygeek, I'm amazed at how much has changed in just a few short months. She got a hair cut. Those long johns had to be replaced by a bigger size. We no longer have that iMac. It was sold and we bought a newer one off Craigslist. 

Time, man. It waits for no one.

Simple, Saturday morning breakfast images. Look at that crema on the Americano. Can you spot me in the spoon?

I've already named my favorite spread from the week, but it was in a super-fierce, crazy, death match with this one. I love this spread. Big puffy hearts an unicorns. It makes my heart ache in the best of ways. 

Marriage is a constant negotiation between unraveling/revealing yourself to another person and allowing yourself to be naked and seen. My husband stopping in the hardware store to take a selfie (which is absolutely not something he would do), it is the essence of love. It is his way of saying, I see you. I know what's important to you. I want to help.

It's Love.

More food imagery. Lunchtime Everyday Life PNG stamp is from Everyday Life Brushes and Stamps by Cathy Zielske. 

Her hair still in braids from trick-or-treating. That expression. That little hand. Killing me. Just killing me. That Minecraft screen is going to look super-nostalgic in a few years when she is deep into something else.

I was in a lot of pain this day, so my husband and daughter went alone to an arcade. He snapped a few photos for me on his iPod. The fact that she is wearing wolf ears here reminds me so much of Louise.

Finishing up Saturday with the only shot of the week to feature all three of us. We're having Taco Tuesday on a Saturday. Following this week, Taco Tuesday has become a tradition in our house, and in turn shaped an entire new approach to mean planning for me.

Little did I know  at the time that I was documenting something quite significant. Memory keeping is awesome like that.

One more day of the Week in the Life series to walk through. Then I'll show you a few pages from my finished photo book. Thanks for hanging in there.