Right Now I Am

Right Now I Am

Right Now I Am



Right now I am...

staring out the window, watching the snow melt in the impossibly bright sun. 

watching the birds return to the feeder in droves after weeks of absence. 

chasing a few birds away from our mailbox, after they decided to start building a nest. 

feeling nervous about two job interviews I suddenly have lined up for Tuesday.

procrastinating on heading to the mall to shop for an interview outfit.

regretting how poorly my work clothes fit after a fall spent recuperating and a winter spent hibernating. 

loving the printed versions of my most recent photo books (I can't wait to share them with you next week). 

mourning that I binge-watched the third season of House of Cards in just a few days and there's still another month before Mad Men starts. 

excited at all the days with sun and temperatures over 45 degrees in the upcoming forecast. I love winter, but spring has always been a transitional season for me. 


Coming up...  I have a new series written about documenting a Disney vacation in a photo book, including a complete album walk through at the end. Following that, I'll have walk throughs of my printed Week in the Life and December Daily photo books. I'll also be sharing my Winter spreads from my 2015 family album and start to tackle 2014.