Week in the Life 2014

6x9 photobook, Week in the Life 2014

Week in the Life 2014 Photo Book: Monday

This is the first post detailing the pages of my 2014 Week in the Life photo book. You can view all of the posts in this series here.


Week in the Life is an in-depth documenting project created by Ali Edwards. It can take many forms, but generally involves taking detailed notes and photographs throughout the day for seven days straight. It's a marathon documenting project that provides a unique snapshot of your and your family's lives.

You can complete this project at any time, but I chose to complete mine in conjunction with Ali Edwards and a whole bunch of memory keepers from October 27th through November 2nd, 2014. If you'd like to learn more about Week in the Life and see the albums Ali has put together over the past decade, I highly recommend you check out her site.

The documenting and album creating requires endurance, but the finished result created both a mirror and a time capsule of the way we are living. I have completed this project one previous time. And, both times I captured moments I adore. I've also seen things reflected at me that I didn't like, and wanted to change. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be walking through the finished pages of my album, one day at a time. 

Technical Details


Week in the Life 2014-Monday: Intro A self-timer shot taken as I watch my daughter walk to her school bus | yolandamadethis.com

For each day, I decided to start with a 2-page, full-bleed image that has a transparent circle and the day of the week as an overlay. The image I chose for these intros has more to do with their visual impact, versus their being reflective of something significant during the day. 

Three pages documenting the morning (roughly 7AM to 1PM). We overslept this day due to a malfunctioning alarm. This would become a theme for the week.

Week in the Life 2014-Monday: PM | yolandamadethis.com One of my favorite shots of the week. A portrait of the toys my daughter loves, exactly as I found them when I came into her rom after she finished playing with her friend.