December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 2

Lights. Camera. Twinkle Lights.

Yesterday, we woke up late and would have missed getting Lyra to her school bus on time. Her bus was 25 minutes late, so our tardiness didn't matter. That's not a holiday story. But it is a reminder that December days, while different, are filled with all the same stuff of Every Day: waking up, packing lunches, gloves & hats, running out the door and barely making the bus because momma will never be a morning person.

Today's page, however, covers the story of our journey out to get some new lights (Oh incandescent bulbs, you made Christmas so much prettier. Your warm glow was awesome! LED lights just don't hold a candle to your beauty, even if they use less energy). We also have a yard for the first time and bought a big old inflatable Snow Family to go in it. I'm certain they will get their own page later in the book.


  • Make a Date Stamp by Katie Pertiet

  • Reindeer cut file by Cathy Zielske (this was a freebie for newsletter subscribers)

  • Busy Week Papers  by One Little Bird

  • Stars overlay was designed by me

December Daily 2014

December Daily 2014: Day 1

And just like that, it's December.

I had hoped to make it back to this space long before now. I have a few stories and memory keeping projects from the year that I want to share with you, but that will come in time. There was surgery. There was a long, slow recovery. There still is a long, slow recovery. Sitting in chairs at desks and working a mouse for hours at a time is still something I can't quite do. Not for very long. It's amazing how many muscles you use just sitting in a chair.

But I am better. So much better.

And it is Christmas. That means it's time for my favorite memory keeping project of all: December Daily.

I have attempted this project a few times in the past and have successfully completed two albums. I love the way this project grounds me in the present throughout the season and helps me capture traditions and joy.

The stress of the hustle and bustle, the grey skies of winter, and the struggle between my imagination and my reality can sometimes bring on a lot of dark feelings for me during the holidays (I know I am not alone in this). Documenting each day in December helps me to seek out magic even when all I feel is gloom. It gives me a constant reminder that there are always good moments in every single day. Even though, some days, those good moments are small.

With that, here is my Day 1 for 2014:

Some notes on my approach

  • I am building my book using Blurb BookWright. I have built most of my photo books using Photoshop and then uploading completed pages to BookWright, but I wanted to reduce a step and make it easier to check/correct spelling errors.

    I would love to order this book soon after Christmas and work in real time, building in BookWright increases my chances of finishing in a timely manner (though, I still strongly believe that it's never a race and it doesn't matter when the project is completed).
  • I am working on a 6x8 grid in an 8x10 book. This is because I wanted to take advantage of pre-made cards for pocket scrapbooking and I wanted to challenge myself to work with more physical white space. I created a series of layouts in BookWright using the 6x8 grid and I will simply copy these and re-use them throughout the month.
  • I have mapped out a plan for daily documentation, but may skip days if truly nothing happens. I am okay with this being an event-filled album, if not a true day-to-day documentation of the season.
  • I have dedicated myself to taking mostly black and white photos. I have even adjusted the settings of my main camera, so that the LCD only shows the scene in grayscale. Shooting in black and white is a personal challenge for me, as color is often what I am attracted to. But, I thought that eliminating image color from the equation would make it easier to add colorful elements to my layouts. This is different from the way I normally work, where the color comes from the images and the embellishments are usually white or a single color that I have pulled from the image.

Digital products used for this spread